August 2021

Do No Harm—The Work of Medical Cannabis to Treat Epilepsy: How One Physician Found a New Treatment that Works and Upholds the Oath She Took

August 31, 2021

Doctor Focus

Dr. Bonni Goldstein discusses her observations about how cannabis can “move the brain forward,” explaining how she has seen it help some of her worst seizure disorder patients who had severe developmental delays begin to advance developmentally while using cannabis medicine.

The State of Cannabis in Kentucky: A Story of Cannabis, Epilepsy, and Advocacy

August 31, 2021

Advocacy Focus

C.J. Carter, Kentucky State Director of Minorities for Medical Marijuana, shares the details about his lifelong relationship with cannabis, how it helps his epilepsy, being a cannabis advocate in the Bluegrass state, and his work around cannabis education and legalization.

Medical Cannabis and Caregiver Rights in Hawaii

August 31, 2021

Caregiver Focus

At a young age, Jari Sugano’s daughter, MJ, was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome. Standard pharmaceuticals didn’t help in alleviating her daughter's seizures. Here, Sugano talks about how medical cannabis has helped MJ and the importance of the caregiver role.

Holistic Health Alternatives Offer Patients Other Treatment Plans

August 25, 2021

Doctor Focus

Pepper Hernandez, a doctor of naturopathic medicine, board-certified holistic health practitioner, PhD in transpersonal psychology, and the CEO and founder of the Cannabis Holistic Institute, shares her experiences as a medical cannabis patient turned educator.