Founder of Toms Shoes Pledges $100 Million Towards Psychedelic Research

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Toms Shoes founder promises $100 million towards psychedelic research and access.

Founder of Toms Shoes, Blake Mycoskie, pledged to provide $100 million to assist access and research regarding psychedelics (1).

Mycoskie interviewed with MartketWatch (2), where he discussed how the money being donated will aid research, nonprofits working to expand access for patients in need of psychedelic treatments, and support academic institutions researching psychedelic medicine.


Mycoskie shared an experience he had with ayahuasca in 2017. During this psychedelic therapy encounter, he was able to witness healing on another level. “[It] “cracked me open, and it connected me more to my faith in God, made me feel that we were all connected and everything was fine and perfect…I came back just feeling like, wow, that was more powerful than any therapy I’d ever done,” Mycoskie said (1).

The $100 million donation, approximately a quarter of Mycoskie’s net worth, may be the most generous donation to psychedelics research. Blake Mycoskie discussed with MarketWatch (2), ”We really need to get this right, and we really need to have these foundations and nonprofits funded properly … I felt a real sense of urgency.”