Medicann Pioneers Ireland's First Comprehensive Medical Cannabis Clinic, Expanding Access and Treatment Options

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Ireland opens up their first medical cannabis clinic.

Medical cannabis is gaining momentum and attention for its medicinal properties. Ireland is preparing to open the first medical cannabis clinic in Ireland which will cover all therapy areas since medical cannabis became legalized in 2019 (1).

Medicann, an award-winning medicinal cannabis clinic, will be launching the first medical cannabis clinic. The company is accepting patients interested in knowing their eligibility for treatment (1). Medicann’s Ireland clinic will be able to cover all medical conditions treatable with the medicinal plant. This also includes health conditions not recognized by the Medical Cannabis Access Programme (MCAP) in Ireland.

Users will be able to use a secure telehealth portal during a virtual appointment to learn if they are eligible for a medical cannabis prescription. Products can vary in types of consumption such as, oils, topical creams, and flowers.


In 2019, Medicann opened their first clinic (1).

Gary Whipp, CEO of Medicann Ireland mentioned (1), "When medicinal cannabis first became legalized in the UK back in 2018, early on I saw the potential it had to improve the quality of life for patients, and we have been providing access to this natural medication for patients that are eligible for the last 4 years. As the first clinic to launch in Ireland, we know patients have been waiting for local access to this medication, and we are very much looking forward to helping patients manage their condition better, and improve their quality of life under the guidance and help of our specialist Doctors here at Medicann.”

Over the years, medical cannabis has been proven to be a significant tool in several health conditions. It has been helpful for both physical and mental conditions such as, endometriosis, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, mental health, and sleep issues.

As of August 2023, patient are able to register their interest in medical cannabis via


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